We’ll turn your invoice into cash. Immediately.

Is your customer paying late? Don’t wait for them to pay you, there are solutions to get your money immediately. Simply go to www.proplat.to as a supplier and once your account is activated, you can enter invoices you have issued for which you need money immediately. The magic of the whole solution is that the service offers to fund your invoice through an independent group of registered investors who compete with each other to get the best deal in terms of funding price and the cash is available instantly. The system does not use bank money at all. For long due invoices, most suppliers deal with payment terms from 30 days up to 60 days, sometimes even longer. The cost of this form of financing is very low, often in the range of one to two percent of the invoice value, see the following example.

Example of financing with proplat.to (in CZK)

Invoice total 50 000,- Kč
Auction financing up to 45 000,- Kč
Invoice due date 30
Auction Fee * 405,- Kč (+VAT)
Sent to the supplier’s account 44 510 Kč
Cost of financing ** 209 Kč
The rest of the payment after payment by the customer 4 792 Kč
Total factoring costs 1,23%

Enter your invoice for payment,
you can have the money immediately.

The latest data on financing statistics can be found on the main proplat.to page as Average Financing Interest.

* The auction fee is subject to VAT.
** Resulting financing costs at the auction interest rate of 5.56% p.a. The interest rate varies according to the current market situation and investor interest in paying the invoice.