Example of financing with Proplat.to

Invoice Total 50 000,- Kč
Financing by Auction up to 45 000,- Kč
Invoice due date /days 30
Auction Fee * 675,- Kč (+DPH)
Sent to the supplier's account 44 183 Kč
Price of financing ** 209 Kč
Surcharge after payment by the customer 4 792 Kč
Total factoring costs 1,77%

* The auction fee is subject of currency and VAT.
** Total financing costs at an auction average interest rate of 5.56% p.a. The amount of interest varies according to the current market situation and investors' interest in paying the invoice.

A small farmer, a food supplier to a large retail chain, decided to finance his invoice in the amount of CZK 40,000 using the PROPLAT.TO service.

He registered in the system, uploaded the relevant documents, paid the registration fee of CZK 100 (including VAT) and his supplier account was activated.

He then uploaded to the system his invoice, payable in 60 days, and a delivery note … He also set the maximum interest he is able to pay, lets say 8% p.a.

The auction was launched and appeared as a new auction on the PROPLAT.TO website.

Investor A had an investment automat set up. He had CZK 6,000 left in his investor account, and the automat was set to go at the lowest interest rate of 5% p.a.

Investor’s automat A reacts immediately after the start of the auction and the invoice supplier sees that his auction is immediately partially invested at a maximum acceptable interest rate of 8% p.a., there was no counter-offer and so the automat had no reason to offer lower interest.

30 minutes after the start of the auction, Investor B offered CZK 20,000 with an interest rate of 7% p.a.

In the end, an investor C entered the auction in another half hour, offering an amount of CZK 20,000, but with an interest rate of 5%. So what happened to the oversupply?

Investor automat A wanted to keep up and reduced interest to 5% p.a. Investor C partially accepted the offer of investor B and financed the amount of CZK 20,000 for interest of 5% p.a. The investor B thus had another 10,000 CZK left, which he financed with the originally offered 7%.

The supplier was satisfied with the development of the auction one hour after its start, as the average interest he has to pay for the financing period reached an average of 5.56% p.a., and accepted the offered conditions without waiting for other, even more advantageous offers from investors. At the time of acceptance, the auction ended as fully covered and the required amount of CZK 36,000, after deducting a factoring fee of CZK 653, was transferred to the account of the invoice owner. The customer is notified of the assignment of the receivable.

Investment recapitulation

Invoice amount 40 000,- Kč with a maturity of 60 days
Required amount (max 90%) 36 000,- Kč
PROPLAT.TO fee (in CZK) 653,- Kč 1,5% of the financed amount + VAT
Sent to the supplier when auction ended 35 347,- Kč
Customer Investor's yield A Investor's yield B Investor's yield C
Customer paid the invoice to the factor's account in 62 days. This has transferred the amounts and returns provided investments to investors to their accounts and money are available for further investment
51,- Kč
(5% p.a. of 6 000, - in 62 days)
118,90 Kč
(7% pa of 10,000 for 62 days)
169,90 Kč
(5% pa of 20,000 in 62 days)
Investor A will receive an amount of
6 051,- Kč
Investor B will receive an amount of
10 118,90 Kč
Investor C will receive an amount of
20 169,90 Kč


After deducting of the investors' returns, a supplement of CZK 3,660 will be sent to the supplier's account.

Overall, after customer payment the Supplier received the amount of 39,007 CZK.

Total costs for a period of one month thus represent only 1.24% of the invoiced amount.