It took 17 seconds to pay the invoice. The Czech startup is growing rapidly.

The Czech platform, which pays invoices, was helped to grow faster by economic uncertainty. At the same time, when alarming information about the new disease began to spread from China, the startup was only a newborn child. The iDNES.CZ portal published an interview about our solution, status and plans for the future.

… In the organism of the Czech economy, invoices means something like a giant river. An Amazon full of money. Self-employed, medium-sized companies and multinationals generated invoices. Hundreds of billions of crowns flow in this river every month. Each invoice is covered either by the work done or the goods delivered. An unpleasant shoal of this endless river of money is the due date. In the Czech Republic, it is officially maximum 60 days, but there are also invoices with twice the maturity. And that’s exactly where is here. The young Czech P2P platform offers small and medium-sized companies or sole proprietors faster money. From the investors with whom it connects them. How does it all work? Simply put, as an electronic marketplace where individual invoices are “auctioned”.

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