Czech companies have their own money that they have no idea about

Invoices are full of money, through which hundreds of billions of crowns flow monthly. Each invoice is covered by your work or delivered goods. The unique solution allows you to get your money immediatelly. The service breaks down the bank’s monopoly on operational financing without limits, branch visits and complicated contractual obligations. All you have to do is register on the portal as a supplier and you can immediately enter the invoices issued by you, for which you need money immediately. The magic of the whole solution is that this service offers financing of your invoice with the help of an independent group of registered investors who compete with each other for the best offer in terms of financing price. And cash is available immediately. The system does not use bank money at all. For invoices with long maturities, most suppliers deal with maturities from 30 days to 60 days, sometimes even longer. The cost of this form of financing is very low, often ranging from one to two percent of the invoice value, see. the following example.

Example of financing with

Total Invoice 50 000,- Kč
Auction maximum 45 000,- Kč
Invoice due date – days 30
Auction fee * 405,- Kč (+VAT)
Sent to supplier 44 510 Kč
Cost of financing ** 209 Kč
Surcharge after payment by the customer 4 792 Kč
Total factoring cost 1,23%

Enter your invoice for payment,
You can have the money right away.

The latest data on statistical values of financing can be found on the main page under the heading Average financing interest.

* The auction fee is subject to VAT.
** Total financing costs at the achieved auction interest of 5.56% p.a. The amount of interest varies according to the current market situation and investors’ interest in the invoice.